3nd Zhongni Prize goes to Accounting Prof. Anne Wu for her Outstanding Teaching

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2018-09-15
   Anne Wu, a professor of Department of Accounting, is set to receive the award and have a speech at the 3rd Zhongni Distinguished Teaching Award of National Chengchi (NCCU) Awarded ceremony on Sep. 27.
The Selection committee recognized professor Wu's contribution reached from classroom to corporation. She remains unremitting enthusiastically positive attitude in 30-year teaching career. The Activity Value Management (AVM) system brings great benefits to the company and society. She sought academic excellence and holistic education. Moreover, the unparalleled devotion to society bring her to the award.
The Zhongni Distinguished Teaching Award emphasizes the commitment of excellence in teaching with the mission and institutional ambitions of NCCU, recognizes and reward NCCU faculty for memorable contribution in education. It is initiated and established by President Chow and funded by professor Swee-Huat Lee. Each award recipients received a monetary prize for $1,000,000 NTD, and the half of prize is used for teaching projects.
Professor Wu takes root in morality, spirit and intelligence in teaching to cultivate students with thinking ability, responsibility and discipline. She also values the practical practice. AVM system, her significant invention, work out the real cost and profit of actuarial products and services, and review pricing and poorly performing blocks to avoid unnecessary cost lose.
Professor Wu will take over the first Zhongni Award winner, Dah-hsian Seetoo, a chair professor of Business Administration, and Chen Fangming, the second Zhongni Prize winner, professor of the department of Taiwanese Literature, to become the third winner of the Zhongni Award. She will give a speech at the award and share the experience. She will also cooperate with the business school to promote teaching quality improvement program

3nd Zhongni Prize goes to Accounting Prof. Anne Wu for her Outstanding Teaching.

The 3nd Zhongni Prize in 2018 was won by Prof. Wu Anne from Department of Accounting
after rigorous selection procedures.

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