NCCU forms an Industry-Academia Alliance with NYMU, focusing on AI industry, FinTech, and long-term care service system

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2018-03-22
 HouYun Liu (柳厚勻) / Campus Reporter 
NCCU established an international industry-academia alliance with the National Yang-Ming University (NYMU) on March 21. The alliance is expected to create an interdisciplinary platform for the GloRIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance) Project launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2017 and focus on AI industry, financial technology (FinTech), and long-term care service system. Both universities working together not only to cultivate international talents but also to develop higher social benefits and industrial values.
NCCU and NYMU both has their strengths in the applied technology industry and were awarded MOST’s industry-academia technology alliance collaboration projects. NCCU is the only university in Taiwan that receives the "FinTech Project," whereas NYMU is well-known for its expertise in medicine and got the "Biotech Medical Materials Clinical Testing/Market Promotion Project." The two universities' unprecedented collaboration breaks clear-cut boundaries of specialized disciplines on AI industry, Fintech, and long-term care services. According to Ms. TSOU Yu-Han (鄒幼涵), Vice Minister of the MOST, Taiwan has great potential of forming a healthy ageing society and biotech financial industry. She expected that NCCU and NYMU, being the first universities to establish an alliance, would lead to generate more industry-academia collaboration opportunities.
Presidents of both universities expressed their expectation and willingness for the alliance. Edward Chow (周行一), President of NCCU, said that NCCU is a top university in humanities and social sciences, and cooperating with the medical renowned university NYMU through the GLoRIA project is truly a valuable experience. Steve H. S. Kuo (郭旭崧), President of NYMU, stated that in recent years, NYMU has been actively devoting in the applications of artificial intelligence in clinical medical research, while NCCU plays a leading role in finance and business studies in Taiwan. The joint collaboration, he hoped, would trigger the nation’s economic development and take the industry-academia alliance onto the global stage.
Not only academic representatives from NCCU and NYMU’s office of the President, Vice President, and R&D came for the ceremony of alliance, industry partners such as the ones  known for facial recognition (Shuttle Company, 浩鑫公司), smart wearable devices (Acer Group, 宏碁集團), and FinTech (Fubon Financial, 富邦人壽) also attended the party.
GloRIA Program is part of the government’s “Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Project (前瞻基礎建設計畫)” launched by the MOST in 2017. The Project allocates 2.4 billion NT dollars to universities. It aims to start the research and studies from universities, encourage close collaborations of academics and leading domestic industries, integrate industrial resources back to the academic research and development, so to create a comprehensive ecosystem for the AI industry.

Up Left: President Edward Chow (周行一) is looking for the collaboration with the NYMU. Photo: Chen Ping-Ya (陳品雅)
Up Middle: 
NYMU President Steve H. S. Kuo (郭旭崧) wishes to take the industry-academia alliance onto the global stage. Photo: Chen Ping-Ya (陳品雅).
Up Right: TSOU Yu-Han (鄒幼涵), MOST's Vice Minister, expects NCCU and NYMU to help generate more industry-academia collaboration opportunities. Photo: Chen Ping-Ya (陳品雅).
Down Left: Opening ceremony of the GloRIA Project. Photo by Chen Ping-Ya (陳品雅).
Down Right: Opening ceremony of the GloRIA Project. Photo by Chen Ping-Ya (陳品雅).

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