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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2018-01-25
NCCU determines and aims to extend the university-

NCCU determines and aims to extend the university-
wide project through integration of interdisciplinary 
research and practice, making a breakthrough in 
international academic platform and acquiring social 
influence. Photo: Yi, Chunmin (易淳敏).

Guei-yu, Yi (衣桂瑜) /

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NCCU planned the university development blueprint for the next 5 years and proposed feasible strategies to the National higher education project. President Edward Chow (周行一) pointed out that NCCU aims to contribute to education and society by extending the university-wide project through integration of interdisciplinary research and practice, making a breakthrough in international academic platform and acquiring social influence. 
NCCU’s blueprint outlines an international research team called, “5+2”, to promote 5 feature fields of studies, based on 2 existing excellent models. The 5 research teams are: “Center for Business Value Creation and Management,” “Taiwan Institute for Governance and Communications Research (TIGCR),” “Longevity Risk and Aged Society Innovation Research Center,” “Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies,” and “Research Center for Chinese Cultural Autonomy.” The 2 models are: “Database of Holistic Social Sciences” and “Digital Humanity Labs”. 
Except for the "5+2" strategy, NCCU also proposed 4 University Social Responsibility (USR) projects for the goodwill and benefit of the surrounding community. The 4 projects includes, innovative cultural and social development in the Xindian river area, legal advice and integration of the awareness of law for the general public, community-based humanistic medical concern for dementia and hospice and palliative care, and public participation for the prosperity and well-being of the Wen Shan area".
Through the above-mentioned plans and projects, NCCU determines not only to become a model university for humanities and social sciences in Taiwan, but also the spotlight of higher education institution worldwide. President Chow warmly welcomes international scholars and masters of thought to come and stay at NCCU and believes NCCU would truly be a university of leader of ideas, the inspiration to society, and an impact in global reach.
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