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TitleNCCU Acadamic Research Award

Application Submission:Once per year, Dec. 15 ~ Jan. 15, each year

Application Procedures
The applicant should complete the online application no later than 4pm of the due date. The applicant should also send relevant application documents to the Academic Evaluation Section, Office of Research and Development as a "Registered Official Document" before 5pm of the due date.

Related Directions
I. The procedures are established according to the "National Chengchi University Regulations Governing Incentives for Academic Research" revised in the 221st academic meeting of the school dated Nov. 11, 2022.

II. Eligibility
Applications should be submitted in accordance with the Regulations, either by the applicant or as a recommendation by a third party. Each applicant must be a permanent full-time faculty member or researcher of the University, who has had outstanding research performance and has obtained within 5 years at least 3 academic research project subsidies granted from National Science and Technology Council (NSTC).  The "NSTC Academic Research Projects "refers to the programs listed on the NSTC Chinese website (Academic Research/Inquiry for Academic Research Subsidies and Awards/Subsidies/Academic Research Projects). 

III. Evaluation Process
(I) Procedures:Preliminary review within each category, cross-category review, review by external party for Research Excellence applicants, and final review by the University Selection and Screening Committee (consensus discussion). The categories include “humanity”, “social science I”, “social science II”, and “natural science and engineering”. Applicants should refer to the application system to select the category they shall belong to.

(II) Evaluation Principles:Evaluation shall be conducted mainly based on the quality and influence of the applicant's academic works.

IV. Application Procedures
(I) All applications should be submitted through the online application system, which is linked to the Faculty publication records system 
(教師論著目錄資料庫)to allow automatic import of the Applicant's bibliography. In order to safeguard the applicant's interests, the applicant should make all the necessary updates in the bibliography in advance.

(II) Application Documents:
1. Application Form (to be completed online and printed).

2. A list of NSTC projects hosted by the applicant during the past five years (The system will automatically generate the list from the Office of Research and Development sub-system
(研發子系統). New faculty members shall manually update the system to include NSTC projects hosted before joining NCCU).

3. Research achievements within the last five years. (To be completed online and printed)

4. A list of publications in the past five years. (The system will automatically generate the list from the Faculty publication records system
(教師論著目錄資料庫). To promote diversified academic development, works that can be included in the list are not limited to journals, dissertations, books, or articles. The applicant is encouraged to present his/her publications through different forms and media. )

5. Three representative works, at least one of which should be a new journal paper, book, or book chapters
(專書篇章)which has been officially published but not used for application in the past five years.
(i) Please select three representative works from the imported bibliography and upload their full text to the application system to facilitate online evaluations.
(ii) For papers published in academic journals should be peer-reviewed within five years and must clearly indicate university affiliation. The “five years” refer to calendar years which is from January 1st 5 years prior to the application to December 31st 1 year prior to the application.
(iii) For academic books and chapters should be published by publishers or research institutes with peer-review system within five years and must clearly indicate university affiliation. The “five years” is from January 1st 5 years prior to the application to December 31st 1 year prior to the application.

6. Co-authored publications:For publications with more than one author, the applicant should submit the explanatory document on the co-authoring. Please download the form from the system, complete, sign the document and upload a scanned copy accordingly. A hard copy of the document should be submitted to the Office of Research and Development along with other application documents.

7. Supporting documents required for the applicant's representative works:
(i) If the representative work is a book, book chapter, or academic journal paper not included in important academic databases (such as SCI, SSCI, or TSSCI, or other considered highly-valued academic journal databases in each discipline), please upload a certificate of the approval process or an explanation on the evaluation process.
(ii) If the representative work is included in an important academic journal database, please upload the relevant certificate to prove the academic journal is included in the important academic database.

8. Other documents:The applicant may, where necessary, submit other supporting documents to demonstrate the importance of the work, including its impact factor, reference index, or any other relevant supporting evidence (non-mandatory).

9. Letter of Recommendation (not mandatory but will be considered a plus. The template is available for download).

(III) System Flow:         
1. Please log on to the iNCCU, click on NCCU Information System/Faculty/Research/Academic Research Award Application System. Before completing the application forms, please update/confirm your bibliography for the last five years. New faculty members should, however, please enter NCCU Information System/Faculty/Research/Manual Updating System to add the NSTC projects before joining NCCU).

2. After completing all forms online, the applicant should print out these application documents, sign them, and attach the letter of recommendation, if any. These documents should be submitted to the Academic Evaluation Section, Office of Research and Development before the specified deadline.

(IV) All applicants are reminded to observe the code of academic ethics. If the information provided involves any violation of academic integrity, the applicant shall be subject to disciplinary actions as prescribed in relevant policies.

Review Method: 
National Chengchi University Regulations Governing Incentives for Academic Research
National Chengchi University - Procedures for Online Application of the Academic Research Award


Contacting SectionAcademic Evaluation Section


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