Awards & Subsidies

TitleIncentive Program for New Faculty Members to Apply to MOST Academic Research Programs

Eligibility:Faculty Members

Application Date:From the appointment start date to the end of the current semester

Review MethodOn a rolling basis 

Application Rules

  • Upon completion of the online application process, the paper copy of the application form and attachments shall be submitted to the Office of Research and Development ("ORD") in five days in order to complete the entire application process.
  • The subsidy provided herein shall be subject to a maximum limit of NT$100,000 over a period up to 10 months. Subsidies are available in the following categories: work-study pay, local and international travel expenses, purchases of research equipment, books, and supplies, and miscellaneous project related expenses.
  • Applicants may invite one senior faculty member or researcher with outstanding academic performance (from NCCU or off-campus) to be the project advisor. Invitees will receive NT$10,000 for each project accepted. Funding is available only during the execution period of a project, and reimbursements shall be claimed within one month following the completion of a project.  
  • An application form and project conceptualization shall be submitted at the time of application (print on both sides).

Progress Report Submission Guidelines:

  1. Deadlines and obligations: A summarized report of 3-5 pages in length shall be submitted within one month following the end of the subsidy period. In addition, an application for MOST Academic Research Programs must be submitted during the most recent application period for MOST Academic Research Programs.
  2. Progress report format: Visit the ORD website and download the template for National Chengchi University Progress Report on Academic Subsidies. Reports shall at least include an abstract, key conclusions or research findings (papers, published conference proceedings, patents, technical collaboration or research subsidies from off-campus parties), and thoughts and recommendations. The results should be uploaded to and shared on the National Chengchi University Academic Research Database.
  3. Online submission: NCCU Homepage/iNCCU/NCCU System/NCCU Administration System (web version)/Faculty Information System/Academic Research Subsidies/Upload progress reports (PDF files only, subject to a 5M size limit)

Application document:
Click to apply online

Closure Documents:
National Chengchi University Progress Report on the Implementation of Academic Subsidies
National Chengchi University Application for Change of Academic Research Subsidies (for making changes)

Regulatory Basis:National Chengchi University Incentive Program for New Faculty Members to Apply to MOST Academic Research Programs

Application Procedures:

Contacting SectionAcademic Development Section, Office of Research and Development

Handling OfficerMs. Yen-Ting Tsai


Q1:Are new professors eligible to apply for subsidies under this program?
A1:Yes, all new NCCU faculty members or researchers are eligible between their appointment start dates and the end of the current semester.

Q2:Are new faculty members with MOST projects still in progress eligible to apply for subsidies under this program?
A2:Yes, but the faculty members will be required to write new project conceptualizations instead of using projects in progress or previously completed to apply for subsidies herein.

Q3:What should be included in a project conceptualization? How many pages should there be?
A3:Project conceptualization should basically reflect the format of MOST project applications, which includes: keywords in Chinese and English, abstract, project description, background, purpose, methodology, tasks to be completed and results, and bibliography; the entire document should be 5-10 pages in total.

Q4:Can the subsidies be used to pay for office supplies, equipment or international travel expenses?
A4:The subsidies must be used for purposes relevant to the program.

Q5:How does one use subsidies for international travel expenses?
A5:If the program subsidy is used to pay for the shortfall of the travel expense reimbursement granted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, an expense allocation form must be completed at the time of allocation; if the program subsidy is to be used to pay for international travel, a separate application has to be approved by the NCCU president in advance.

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