Awards & Subsidies

TitleBook Publication
ContentsEligibilityFaculty Members

Application DateOn a rolling basis

Review MethodOn a rolling basis and batch reviewed by the Academic Subsidy Committee

Application Rules:

  • The range of books eligible for subsidies is described below, provided the books have not received any subsidies from other institutions:
  1. Academic books, excluding textbooks and previously published dissertations. Formal reviews of academic books should be performed by a dean or director or by individuals recommended by a dean or director. 
  2. Books translated from academic books published in foreign languages. 
  3. Adaptation of dissertations that have not previously been published. 
  4. Academic books adapted from research results or extension of similar results acquired over the course of several years. 
  5. A continuous and systematic presentation of dissertations published over the course of several years with added introduction or conclusions on certain topics written in a manner that corresponds with the nature of academic books.
  • Subsidies for authoring or translating books in the preceding paragraph are subject to a limit of $60,000 and one book per person per year. For books co-authored by NCCU faculty members or researchers, only one person per book may make a subsidy application, and the amount will be based on contribution or the ratio of authors associated with NCCU and otherwise. Projects that have been granted subsidies may receive the subsidies in two payments during the implementation of respective projects. Project results shall be submitted to the Office of Research and Development at the same time when the respective project receives the second payment. 


  1. Book Subsidy Application Form
  2. Book published within the most recent year
  3. Publications within the last five years (Download at iNCCU/NCCU Administration System (web version)/Faculty Information/Publications Catalogue)
  4. Adaptation of previous research results should be accompanied by original project proposals and complete result reports.
Project Closure:

  • Applications for book reimbursements shall be completed within one month once the respective projects are completed. An application package shall contain a registered official document form, a "book registration application form", a public record, payment slip form, and a copy of the letter of approval. Complete application packages shall be submitted in accordance with the procedure described in the "book registration application form", and the funds will be allocated accordingly.
  • Personal receipts can be used to apply for lump sum reimbursements, or receipts for expenses incurred for authoring a book within the duration of a project can be used to apply for appropriate reimbursements. (For more details, contact Section I of the Accounting Office at Ext. 63230.)
  • Submission to the library:
  1. Before a book is published, please apply for an ISBN/CIP/GPN (by contacting the General Services Office of the Library at Ext. 63186.)
  2. A total of 13 copies of the book, once published, a copyright notice by the author, and the complete text in PDF shall be submitted for adding to the Library's collections and to be exchanged for government publications.

Closure Documents:

  1. National Chengchi University Subsidized Book Registration Application Form.
  2. A total of 13 copies of the book, a copyright notice by the author, and the complete text in PDF (Library)

Application Document :
Click to apply online

Closure Documents: 
National Chengchi University Subsidized Book Registration Application Form
National Chengchi University Application for Change of Academic Research Subsidies(for making changes)

Regulatory Basis:
National Chengchi University Guidelines for Academic Research Subsidies

Application Procedures: 

Contacting SectionAcademic Development Section, Office of Research and Development

Handling Officer:
Ms. Yen-Ting Tsai

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