Awards & Subsidies

TitleOrganizing Research Teams for Research Purpose
ContentsEligibility:Faculty Members

Application Date:On a rolling basis

Review Method:On a rolling basis and batch reviewed by the Academic Subsidy Committee

Application Rules: 

I.  Subsidy categories: Limited to miscellaneous fees, expenses for temporary staff, and travel expenses and speaking fees for off-campus parties.

II. Team members:

  • A research team shall consist of at least three NCCU full-time faculty members or researchers. Members may be selected from different departments, colleges or schools, subject to the restriction that no more than one third of the team members are selected from outside NCCU.
  • Each faculty member or researcher may be a member of up to two research teams at the same time.

III. Topics:

  • Research teams may choose their own topics, but the target must be integrated projects that can be completed within one year in order to apply for research subsidies from the appropriate departments.
  • The subsidy herein is available at most twice to any one research team, research topic or applicant. Two research teams will be considered the same team if they share more than half of their members.
  • A Project Conceptualization that can be completed within one year must be submitted.

IV.  Second-time applicants

  • Research teams may apply for subsidies for the second time under any one of the following circumstances:
  • The NCCU members on the team have published at least one journal article, academic book chapter, or book related to the team's topic accepted into indexes such as TSSCI, SCI, SSCI, A&HCI, and THCI Core within one year following the completion of a project funded by a previous subsidy.
  • The team has received subsidies for integrated projects from other departments for their research results.


  1. Research Team Application Form
  2. Project Conceptualization (research team integrated project conceptualization)

Project Closure:

  1. A research team that has received a subsidy shall submit a progress report and a description of research performance within one month following the completion of the project.
  2. The team shall organize a small seminar to publish the results of their planned research. Evaluation of the results will be taken into consideration for deciding whether or not to grant subsequent subsidies.
  3. Research teams that have not submitted results from an earlier stage will not be permitted to submit second applications.

Application document:
Click to apply online

Closure Documents:

National Chengchi University Progress Report on the Implementation of Academic Subsidies
National Chengchi University Application for Change of Academic Research Subsidies (for making changes)

Regulatory Basis:National Chengchi University Guidelines for Academic Research Subsidies

Application Procedures:

Contacting SectionAcademic Development Section, Office of Research and Development

Handling Officer:
Ms. Yen-Ting Tsai


Q1:What expenses incurred by a research team can be reimbursed?
A1:Only miscellaneous fees, expenses for temporary staff, and travel expenses and speaking fees for off-campus parties can be reimbursed.
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