Prof. Tao Ya-Lun Won the New Media Art Installation Award at the 9th MADATAC in Spain

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2018-03-23
Prof. Tao Ya-Lun
 Professor Tao Ya-Lun (陶亞倫) of the Master’s Program in Digital Content & Technologies of NCCU was invited to the 9th Contemporary Audio-Visual & New Media Arts Festival (MADATAC) in Madrid, Spain, and won the “New Media Art Installation Award” among 72 new media artist competitors from 33 countries. With continuing cultivation in interdisciplinary studies, NCCU’s artistic creations of digital content have reached the international arena once again. After professor Huang Hsin-Chien (黃心健) won the Best VR Experience Award at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, professor Tao was also granted the international prize by VR works. 
The winning list of the 9th MADATAC Festival was announced in the evening of January 22, local time, professor Tao said, but it was too late for him to get back to Madrid to receive the prize in person, since he had never thought that he would have got this prestigious award. Professor Tao went back to Madrid on the 23rd to arrange future exhibition plans and continue to shine internationally by creating artworks.   
The awarded works “Prado Nos. 1, 2, and 3”, also named “Panoptic, Time Dimension, Mirror Inside Out,” were specially-built virtual reality spaces for the “Medialab-Prado”. Stepping on the specially made pedestal with the VR glasses, when moving back and forth along the track, the audiences can feel the vanity of the forward-extended, endless space, experiencing the paradoxical feeling of physically presenting in the exhibition and yet having a sense of not being there. 
The VR exhibition by Tao marked the third year of collaboration between Taiwanese artists and the MADATAC. It not only started a transnational dialogue among artists, but also enhanced Taiwan’s visibility of interdisciplinary work of science and art in the world. The works of professor Tao had been broadcasting by several national medium of Spain and received a burst of applause during the pre-exhibition period. “Through Tao’s artworks, audiences can experience the spiritual feeling of shuttling between authenticity and fiction,” pointed out by the RTVE evening news (the biggest national television station in Spain) and El Pais (the best published newspaper).
The solo exhibition of the three Virtual Reality installations were displayed from January 24 to February 7 in the House of Culture of San Lorenzo del Escorial, the palace built by Philip II, King of Spain. The director of the local cultural center will further discuss the feasibility of new creative artworks exclusively designed for the Palace by Tao Ya-Lun. 
MADATAC, one of the most important new media art festivals in Europe, actively seeks for new media artists around the world who make use of new digital technologies medium, including different types of digital arts such as video projection mapping, electronic art, multimedia art, and interactive artworks, attracting over a hundred thousand people to the art festival every year. 

Right:One of Professor Tao's installation exhibitions at MADATAC. Photo: Tao Ya-Lun.
The solo exhibition of prof. Tao's artworks are to be displayed from January 24 to February 7 in the House of Culture ofSan Lorenzo del Escorial. Photo: Tao Ya-Lun.

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