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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2018-10-29
  By College of Communication

The last day marks a temporary ending for the ACMC conference in Taiwan, 2018. Dr. Theodore A. Fernando was first to give his ending remarks on how this event held once every two years contributes to the networking between scholars of different regions, “We come and exchange our researches. We get different knowledge change from interesting keynote speakers, and also we learn about our own mistakes.” Dr. Fernando gave his best wishes for ACMC, and he hoped for more members to join in the future.
The ceremony proceeded with the responses form delegates, whom represented the different countries they are from. Many delegates gave their blessings to the conference, and expressed their gratitude to the College of Communication for holding the conference. The ceremony came to a high note with the speech given from the student representative from University of Philippines. In his speech, he mentioned that the conference had many younger researchers attending, sharing their ideas and love for media and communication. He also noted that those younger researcher are indicators that a long future awaits for ACMC.
On the NCCU end, Dr. Herng Su, Dean of the College of Communication, gave her ending remarks for the event. She said that holding the conference was a happy task, notwithstanding the difficulties. It is a privilege and honor to be in charge for such occasion of discuss on communication and technology. Numerous scholars and new minds have been revealed, and she expressed great gratitude to all colleagues, students and staff members.
ACMC also presented to certificates, to the College of Communication, NCCU, and Prof. Tsung Jen Shih as a token of gratitude to the faculty and the case officer, along with a group picture for all the people of ACMC and College of Communication.
President of ACMC Dr. Azman Azwan Azmawati gave the ending speech for the ceremony. Initially, she thanked NCCU for providing the place and equipment, as well as managing their residents, and all the ACMC officers for their hard work. She also responded to earlier regards, saying that one of ACMC’s goals is to help younger researchers get more ideas and inspire innovation. “We are here to help each other and share different thoughts, not to show off or be glorified. We are not a grand organization, but a meaningful one.” In the end, Dr. Azman said that the food left a great impression on her, and like how good food needs to be shared, she believed that the conference should be shared as well.

Dr. Azman Azwan Azmawati, president of ACMC awarded souvenir to Professor Herng Su,
Dean of College of Communication. Photo: College of Communication

Scholars have a group photo taken as a momento. Photo: College of Communication

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