IMBA Crash Course Kicks Off. Leadership and Team Building Camp Redefines What Is “Learning” For All Newcomers!

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2019-09-12
The International Master of Business Administration Program (IMBA) held the “Leadership and Team Building Camp” at Dongshan Township, Yilan County from August 30th to September 2nd. This year, IMBA has invited former Vice President of Human Resource Department of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Professor Swee-Huat Lee, Department of Business Administration Professor Chang-Ya Hu, Department of International Business Professor Wei-Chieh Su, and Department of Management Information Systems Professor Howard Chuang as lecturers. The camp consisted of a variety of activities, in guidance for students to get accustomed to the teaching methods, get the overall sense of learning back, and get inspired to preplan their study life during their stay.

In order to build chemistry between new students, as well as to give a run-down of the teaching they are to receive in the near future, IMBA has been holding the Leadership and Team Building Camp every year, bringing students from different cultural, lingual backgrounds together. Here in the nice, serene countryside of Yilan, students can fully experience the courses IMBA provides.

The newly-appointed Director of IMBA, Professor Vincent Chen, spoke of the efforts IMBA put into its program to open the gateway between Taiwan and the international society. IMBA has been recruiting students worldwide, not only in search of people with enthusiasm and diligence in learning, but also students who has outstanding international view. With that being said, IMBA has always encouraged students taken into the program to keep an open mind, step out of the comfort zone, and learn to cooperate within a multicultural team, because by doing so, it will help them develop the needed long-term vision and abilities to become a great leader.

One of the speakers, Prof. Swee-Huat Lee (current full-time faculty of IMBA) remarked that people have been learning their whole lives, without giving thought to “what” learning is, or “how” we should learn. Through his lecture, he expects the students to reflect on their goals through debate and discussion, and find their passion in learning. Eventually, Lee says that he aims in reaching the goal of turning information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom.

Claire Paria (白歡悅) , from France, is currently taking a dual degree in Grenoble Ecole de Management. Claire, being keenly interested in Asian culture, said that she had visited many Asian countries including Vietnam and Malaysia. The first impression she got from Taiwan was how free and open it is, both socially and politically. In addition, she mentioned that she was impressed by how convenient life in Taipei is, with public transportation systems and convenience stores all over the city. Lastly, she expects to learn more of Asian/Chinese culture and acquire the skills she will need to face the challenges her future work throws her way.

Brandon Wu (吳啟陽) is a local student who works in the financial sector, and he applied the program to advance his leading skills as well as the management aspects of his profession. “The way the teacher taught the course was very interesting, unlike what I have been familiar with.” Through the guidance of the speakers, Brandon’s group had great chemistry, and after the courses, he now understands what the professors were trying to teach. To conclude his thought, Brandon said that he looks forward to hone his communication skills and leadership here, and learn to become an astonishing leader.

IMBA has worked hard in achieving its goals, stimulating academic and business interactions through exchange programs. Nevertheless, the program has higher expectations and visions. IMBA members regard each other like family, and this relation can extend even after the students have graduated. Relations keep intact, and support each other even outside of school. By forming a firm alumni system, graduates and the program have a very close interaction. To conclude, IMBA is consistently self-improving, sharing resource and information with the best in the field. The program has established an international network over the years, and the virtuous cycle continues to strive strongly into the future.

Former Vice President of Human Resource   IMBA Director Vincent Chen stated, IMBA 
department TSMC, Prof Swee-Huat Lee        
strives to become the medium of Taiwan
wishes every student to find their initial          
international exchange, and he hoped
 passion in learning.                                        students to open their heart, and learn         
                                                                       team building in a multicultural environment.

Leadership and Team Building Intends to
break the barrier of conventional teaching
methods, with Professors providing guidance
between the students’ interactions.
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