IMBA 2020-Entered Students Learned, Connected, and Rejoiced in Annual Leadership & Team Building Camp in Yilan

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2021-03-15
【Article by College of Commerce】
In the weekend of Feb. 27th- Mar. 1st, the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) program held their yearly Leadership and Team Building camp aimed to prepare the 2020 incoming students for their journey in the IMBA program. This was an intensive 3-day camp where students learned the fundamental concepts of leadership, team building, and learning. These will prepare students for leadership ventures in their career and in their lives. Students from 17 different countries all over the world attended the camp.

The camp kicked off with Professor Shari Shang, the director of IMBA program, who held a welcoming speech for all students inspiring them for the weekend ahead. Among the distinguished lecturers we had Prof. Changya Hu who held several lectures on topics like learning, linking, sharing sessions, and leadership, Prof. Howard Hao-Chun Chuang who held lectures about system thinking concepts and applications, Prof. Arthur Shao-Ren Wang who held a lecture on creativity and innovation, and Prof. Weichieh Su along with Prof. Sungjun (Steven) Park who held lectures about linking cultural contexts. Second year students Francisco Lopez and Isaac Chua held a lecture on conflict resolution.

Students participated in several activities that helped synthesize all the learning into practical experiences that solidified the knowledge gained. Furthermore, activities helped students break cultural barriers, work in teams together, and empathize with one another better.

Konstantin Krone, a dual degree student from Germany, said that “even though the first semester had been over already, I met a lot of new people and learned more about my classmates. A lot of opportunities for interpersonal interactions were present (during lectures and during breaks).” He described the lectures as “insightful and stimulating lectures on individual reflections to reach higher levels of self-awareness, needs, wishes, and life plans.”

Wendy Chi, a full-time and working Taiwanese student, said that she “thought this camp was provided as orientation and that since once semester had passed it might be weaker than I thought several months ago. Surprisingly, even though everything seems familiar enough for me, it got us to know each other in depth and consolidate the importance and relevance of what we have learned in the IMBA so far.”

Holly Chen, an Overseas Taiwanese student from the United States, described her experience as follows: “As a cohort, we have already worked together in class for one full semester. Thus, I was skeptical on how effective this Leadership and Team-Building Camp would be. However, the lectures and activities were very engaging. This allowed us to have a deeper connection with our classmates. Additionally, many of us work full-time and this camp gave us an opportunity to become closer as friends outside of the classroom setting.”

2020 was a challenging year to gather our incoming international students all together. Although, the camp had to be postponed due to world-wide COVID-19 restrictions, students were able to rejoice over the experience that students before them have gone through giving them a fresh new start in 2021 with their eyes fixed on their future objectives.

Prof. Changya Hu instructs the class on topic of    Prof. Arthur Shao-Ren Wang measures the 
self-awareness as students listen patiently. (         results of each team's activity as they nervously
Photo by College of Commerce )                           expact their performance to win the challenege.
                                                                               ( Photo by College of Commerce )         

Studens share strengths they're able to observe
on each other, building a positive and empathetic
view on their team-mates.  ( Photo by College of
Commerce ) 
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