International College of Innovation Partnered with NYCU, OSU, and TMU to Co-Organize an International Public Forum, discussing the Sustainable Development in the Post-Pandemic World

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Poster:Ms. Ching-Yi HsuPost date:2021-12-02
  【Article by International College of Innovation】
On 24th November, 2021, ICI’s lecturer and students from Global Health Governance course joined the international public forum organized by the first-tiered universities in USA and Taiwan on the topic of “The End Game: How we end this pandemic and reconstruct a more resilient society”. The on-line event culminated with heated discussions on the latest issues for the pandemic and the sustainable developments for the post-pandemic era. Organized by Oregon State University, National Chengchi University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and Taipei Medical University, the 2021 international public forum had come to its 17th year and were hosted in turn by these former universities each year.

This year, the International College of Innovation of National Chengchi University (ICI, NCCU) is honored join the event with these partner universities. Headed by associate dean, Prof. Hsien-Ming Lien, along with Global Health Governance course lecturer, Prof. Han-His Liu, and students enrolled to the course, this is the first joint event with theses universities renowned for their front-running research in global health governance. Such event is also a rare occasion and an innovative breakthrough cross-disciplinarily for a university prime at humanities and social sciences like NCCU. This reflects how domain knowledges in fields such as law, social studies, economics, communications and regional studies, can be converged and interrelated to address global issues. It also heightens the importance to continuously involve in on cross-disciplinary research and developments.

Headed by associate dean, 
Prof. Hsien-Ming Lien,  ICI lecturer and students from Global Health 
along with Global Health Governance course           
Governance course joined the international
lecturer, Prof. Han-His Liu, and students enrolled    
public forum organized by  the first-tiered universities
to the course, this is the first joint event with theses 
 in USA and Taiwan on the topic of “The End Game:
universities renowned for their front-running            
How we end this pandemic and reconstruct a more
research in global health governance. (Photo          
resilient society”. (Photo Source:International
Source:International College of Innovation)             
 College of Innovation)

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