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Academic Evaluation Section
Job titleNameOffice phone numberResponsibilities
Section ChiefMs. Su-Mei Chao 62766◆ Administration of Academic Evaluation Section
Executive OfficerMs. Hsiao-Yun Huang62763◆ Administration of all procedures associated with MOST research projects
◆ Management of online system codes for MOST projects; creation and maintenance of files under MOST-approved projects on the NCCU research project subsystem
◆ Announcement of and reply to results of MOST project reviews, review of principal investigators fees, signing, amendment, and extension of contracts with temporary workers in labor projects, project termination, and official communication regarding processes, internal control procedures and amendments of project subsidy regulations
◆ Processing of MOST projects and outgoing fund transfers for former faculty members and MOST projects and incoming fund transfers for new faculty members
◆ Filing with the appropriate authorities the list of faculty members and researchers leading or co-leading off-campus MOST projects
◆ Collection of overdue progress reports on MOST projects
◆ Supply of data on MOST Academic Research Programs (including NCCU statistics and research activity statistics from academic departments)
◆ Calculation of teaching hour credits for faculty members conducting MOST Academic Research Programs
◆ Data compilation for the MOE University Affairs Database by the Academic Development Section
◆ Planning of cooperative education programs
◆ Coordination of research project temporary employment systems, assessment and amendment of rules and regulations, and reviews of decisions formulated by the temporary labor worker review board.
◆ Other ad hoc assignments
Administrative Specialist IMs. Chien-Ru Chu62878◆ Processing Awards for Academic Research
AssistantMs. Kuang-Fang Chu62902Assisting with proccssing evaluation projects

Collecting and organizing R&D ePaper of research center.
Administrative SecretaryMs. Li-Chiu Huang66015◆ Research Ethics Review Board meetings
◆ Research Ethics Consultation Board meetings
◆ NCCU research ethics related laws and regulations
◆ Administration of research ethics reviews (including new and amended cases and interim and final report reviews)
◆ Administration of onsite surveys in research ethics cases
◆ Administration of Ministry of Education inspections
◆ Research ethics consultation and guidance
◆ Planning of online review systems
Administrative Specialist IIMs. Hsin-Tung Wang62761◆ Administration of research ethics reviews (including new and amended cases and interim and final report reviews)
◆ Research ethics consultation and guidance
◆ Research ethics education and training, seminars and workshops
◆ Research ethics website establishment and promotional materials
◆ Research ethics related official letters
◆ Applications for research ethics reimbursement
◆ Supply of research ethics statistics
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