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Research Ethics

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Section Chief Ms. Su-Mei Chao 62766                        

                 Administration of Research Ethics  

Executive Secretary Ms. Li-Chiu Huang  66015

                ◆Research Ethics Review Board meetings
                ◆Research Ethics Consultation Board meetings
                ◆NCCU research ethics related laws and regulations
                 ◆Administration of research ethics reviews (including new and amended
           cases and interim and final report reviews)

                    ◆Administration of onsite surveys in research ethics cases
                  Administration of Ministry of Education inspections
                   Research ethics consultation and guidance
                    Planning of online review systems

Administrative Specialist  Ms. Hsin-Tung Wang 62761

Administration of research ethics reviews (including new and amended cases and interim and final report reviews)

Research ethics consultation and guidance

Research ethics education and training, seminars and workshops

Research ethics website establishment and promotional materials

Research ethics related official letters

Applications for research ethics reimbursement

Supply of research ethics statistics

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