Research Ethics


Research Ethics

    About Research Ethics

    I.             Purpose:

    The Research Ethics Office (hereinafter referred to as "REO") is established for the purpose of implementing NCCU Human Research Ethics Consultation Board (hereinafter referred to as "HRECB") resolutions, facilitating NCCU Human Research Ethics Review Board (hereinafter referred to as "HRERB") operations, protecting the rights of research participants, and assisting the Boards with assignments and administrative affairs as instructed.

    II.          Missions and responsibilities:

    1.           To formulate guidelines governing the establishment of REO and related enforcement rules.

    2.           To draft standard operating procedures for REO and the Boards.

    3.           To provide HRERB with administrative assistance in reviewing research project proposals, conducting random inspection of approved projects and onsite surveys, and re-reviewing appeals.

    4.           REO shall promptly initiate an investigation if a research project causes material impact on the rights or safety of research participants, on the assessment of research benefits and risks, or in the event research participants, members of the public, or researchers file a complaint regarding human research ethics. REO shall also submit the results of such investigation to HRERB for discussion and the formulation of response measures.

    5.           To plan and organize education and training sessions, seminars, forums and related activities on human and behavior research ethics.

    6.           To invite relevant personnel from within or outside NCCU and organize communication and coordination meetings regarding important issues or as needed so as to facilitate the establishment of ethics policies or to support related activities.

    7.           To perform other tasks at the instruction of HRECB or HRERB.

    8.           REO shall operate in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of China.


    III.       Organization

    REO consists of one director and a number of full-time or part-time administrative assistants. Project management, activity planning, consulting services sections may be established as needed.

    REO Director: Tzu-Chieh Tsai, Director

    Campus extension number: 63840

    Email: ttsai002@gmail.com  ttsai@cs.nccu.edu.tw



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