TitlePaper Presentation at International Academic Conferences
Application DateAn application shall be submitted to the Office of Research and Development (ORD) at least seven working days before the conference date

Review MethodOn a rolling basis 

Application Rules 
I. Eligibility:
  1. NCCU faculty members, researchers and students attending important international academic conferences to make oral presentations of their papers in the name of  NCCU.
  2. Applications for subsidies must be submitted to the Ministry of Science and Technology in advance, except for those who have received subsidies from the Ministry in the same  year and are therefore not eligible to apply for additional subsidies.
  3. Applicants who have not received subsidies or fail to submit applications to the Ministry of Science and Technology by respective deadlines for reasons not attributable to the applicants may apply, with the appropriate documents and proofs, for subsidies at a fixed ratio of 50% from NCCU. 

II. Scope : 
International academic conferences herein refer to conferences  in which the academics presenting or critiquing papers are from three or more different countries (as determined by the country of full-time employment).

III. Application Path:
iNCCU / Campus information system/ Campus web info. portal/ Faculty/ Students/ Research/ Academic Research Subsides System / Complete application form/ Save/ Send application. Upon completion of the online application process, the paper copy of the application form and related documents shall be submitted together to the ORD in order to complete the entire application process.

IV. Subsidy Rules :
1. Subsidies are available to only one person per paper. Subsidies are available up to once a year to one person.
2. Those who have received off-campus subsidies may not apply for full amount subsidies or the shortfall from NCCU.

V. Subsidy category :
1. The ORD may adjust subsidies for airfare, living  expenses, insurance and enrollment fees to reflect  the importance of a conference and in accordance with the annual budget.    
2. Subsidies are available for enrollment fees only when an international conference is held in Taiwan.

Attachments(print on both sides):
  1. Application form
  2. Official invitation or email sent by the organizer to the applicant
  3. Conference agenda (clearly labeling the name of applicant, name of conference, title of paper to be orally presented,  and nationalities of academics from three different countries )
  4. Copy of abstract and full text of paper to be presented
  5. Publication catalogue
  6. Proof of absence of MOST subsidies ( Applicants who have received subsidies from the Ministry of Science  and Technology in the same year may not apply for a second time. Please provide the MOST letter of approval or a list of funds approved from the previous subsidy. Please also provide an approved application for change, if any.)

Project Closure:

Recipients of  international conference subsidies shall complete the following procedures within one month following the end of respective conferences:
I.  Expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable accounting rules.
II. Upload an electronic copy of the outcome report.
  1. Students shall submit a report using the format provided in the template National Chengchi University Outcome Report on the Implementation of Academic Subsidies.
  2. Professors shall submit a report using the format provided in the template Overseas Travel Report Electronic Copy and attach the Overseas Travel Approval form together with the official administrative documents for review (detailed flowchart).
  3. Those who are funded by the Executive Yuan and affiliated agencies, schools, state owned enterprises, or the government to travel abroad on official visits or to study or perform research or internship or other activities shall follow the requirements in the Guidelines for Overseas Travel Reports by the Executive Yuan and Affiliated Agencies and submit their overseas travel reports within three months following their return to Taiwan. The reports shall be made available to the public on the Public Sector Overseas Travel Reports website.

Closure Document  

    1. Approved application from for Paper Presentation at International Academic Conferences 
   2. Overseas business travel expense report 
   3. Reimbursement receipts 
   4. Public record of accounts 
   5. Application for Flying with Foreign Airline for Business Purposes
   6. Application for Leave ( faculty members )

Application document:Click to apply online

Closure Documents :
International business travel expense report
Due to travel abroad to take foreign airline airliner applications
National Chengchi University Outcome Report on the Implementation of Academic Subsides

Regulatory Basis :
National Chengchi University Guidelines for Academic Research Subsidies
Table of Fixed Subsidies for Paper Presentation at International Conferences

Application Procedure :

Contacting Section : Academic Development Section, Office of Research and Development

Handling Officer : Juei-Ying Chen

Extension : 66899

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1:May I apply for a subsidy from the Office of Research and Development if I have already received an off-campus subsidy?

A1Faculty members and students attending international academic conferences to present their papers shall as a priority apply for subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Recipients of Most subsides  will not be eligible to apply for full or partial subsidies from NCCU. Those who are attending international academic conferences to present their papers the second time in the same year and are therefore ineligible for MOST subsidies may provide the MOST letter of approval or a list of payments from the previous subsidies and apply for fixed subsidies in different areas from the Office of Research and Development.                 
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