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TitleGuidelines for Inviting Outstanding International Teaching and Research Academics
Faculty members of individual departments

Application Date:
Applications should be made two months before academics arrive at the university

Review Method:
Subsidies for invitations that have already received subsidies from the Ministry of Science and Technology or other off-campus institutions shall be subject to a maximum limit of 50% of the subsidies from off-campus institutions. According to the calculation above, subsidies of NT$50,000 or less may be reviewed as they are received. The Office of Research and Development (ORD) is authorized to approve such cases. Applications involving extraordinary circumstances or subsidies exceeding NT$50,000 shall be submitted to the ORD review board for review.

Application Rules:
I. Eligibility
Academics  to be invited by various departments shall meet both of the following criteria :
   1.    Be a renowned academic or expert with a faculty position at a  university or research institute within or outside the Republic of China.
   2.    Possess academic expertise that will benefit the teaching or research of the applying unit.

II. Scale
Academics may lecture at NCCU for a minimum of seven days and a maximum of sixty days. The purpose of visit shall encompass at  least one of the following activities : 
    1.   To hold a student-teacher forum or deliver a speech in an academic field that is absent in Taiwan or requires further improvement.
 2.    To offer a degree course.
    3.    To collaborate with NCCU professors and students in research or publication.

III. Application Path
iNCCU/ Campus information system/ Campus web info. portal/ Faculty/ Students/ Research/Academic Research Subsides System /Complete application form/Save/Send application. Upon completion of the online application process, the paper copy of the application form and related documents shall be submitted together to the Office of Research and Development in order to complete the entire application process

    Attachments (print on both sides )
    1.    Application form
    2.    Itinerary
    3.    Reasons for invitation
    4.    Job Description
    5.    Detailed anticipated outcomes
    6.    Application for guest lectureship (optional if not applying)
    7.    Application for business class travel : ( optional if not applying )
    8.    Other attachments: Other personal information, e.g. education, experience, other academic papers, academic awards, or patents, may be listed on separate sheets in any format. 

IV.  Project Closure
Recipients of subsidies shall complete the following procedures within
one month following the end of the implementation period :
I.    Expenses shall be reimbursed in accordance with the applicable accounting rules.
II.   Progress Report Submission.
       Upon path for electronic progress reports : iNCCU / NCCU Administration System (web version ) / Faculty Information/ Research Service /Academic Research Subsidies System / Search or modify application and upload progress report.

III.  Closure Documents 
     1.    Official letters of approval / List of approved reimbursements
     2.    Payment slip form
     3.    Public record of accounts    
     4.    National  Chengchi University Outcome Report on the Implementation of Academic Subsides

Application Documents  
Click to apply online

Closure Progress report format

Regulatory Basis  :
National Chengchi University Guidelines for Academic Research Subsidies
Schedule of Subsidies for Inviting Outstanding International Teaching and Research Academics

Application Procedure  Flowchart

Contacting Section  
Academic Development Section, Office of  Research and Development

Handling officer 
Juei-Ying Chen

Extension  66899

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q1:What is the schedule of subsidies for inviting outstanding international teaching and research academics ?
A1:Please refer to the Schedule of Subsidies for inviting Outstanding International Teaching and Research Academics.
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