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Academic Research Awards / 2014-2015 Academic Research Awards

2014-2015 Research Excellence Award

Professor of Graduate Institute of Applied Physics, Chih-Kai Yang

● Prof. Yang is one of the leading physicists engaging in the research of thin-film topological insulators in Taiwan. He is also one of the representative scholars in the field of ab initio calculation of electronic structures in the country.
● Prof. Yang has continuously and consistently published research papers in high-impact international research journals. His performance as a whole is outstanding and up to international standards.
● Prof. Yang has been coordinator of the Focus Group of Computational Materials Physics in the National Center of Theoretical Sciences, providing considerable services to the academia.

Professor of the Graduate Institute of East Asian studies, College of International Affairs, Chien-Wen Kou 

● Professor Kou’s expertise areas include Chinese political development and elites. He has a profound academic basis and contribution of crucial research thesis in elite clique structures, power transformation.
● His research is published at high-quality international and Chinese journals, including The China Quarterly and China Journal. Besides, he positively participates in the international academic community as an excellent representative scholar in the field of Chinese elites.

Professor of the Department of International Business, College of Commerce, Wei-Yu Kuo 
● Professor Kuo, Wei-Yu focuses on the market microstructure of financial markets, the co-movement and structure break between global financial markets, and the dynamic behaviour of lapse rates and mortality rates of insurance policies.
● To the best of our knowledge, this is the first paper, published in Review of Financial Studies, that investigates the individual investors’ behavioural biases in trading based on the local TAIFEX futures and options intraday data.
● Overall, the research performance is excellent and the research results have significant academic as well as practical contributions.  The research efforts deserve encouragement.

Professor of the Department of Finance, College of Commerce, Ko-Nan Chan 
● Professor Chan’s expertise areas include corporate finance and asset pricing. He examines how corporate activities affect performance in the stock market and whether investors can predict stock returns based on some firm characteristics.
● His research is published at various high-quality international journals, including the top-ranking Journal of Financial and Quantitative Finance. His outstanding publication record demonstrates his superior research skills.
Professor of the Department of Education, College of Education, Huang-Yao Hong 
● A leading scholar in Taiwan who studies knowledge building theory, pedagogy, and technology with a focus on issues such as how to better prepare students to become knowledge innovators (rather than receivers) in a constantly changing world. 
● Research has been published in top journals (such as Journal of Educational Psychology) and reported in media (such as Time Magazine), and could have important practical implications for improving learning environment, instructional design, and assessment tools that celebrate the idea of education for knowledge creation.
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